Why did al-Qaeda attack the US during 9/11?

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So I'm sitting here watching the news trying to figure out / remind myself why we were in Afghanistan. I figured we were there so that we could prevent further attacks from al-Qaeda.

That makes sense to me but now this makes me wonder why the al-Qaeda attacked us in the first place. Did we do something wrong to them? Do they not like democracy or believe in people voting for themselves on issues like we do over here? I thought originally we did a good job at helping the people over thereby equipping the government there with weapons so that they could defend themselves and by providing opportunities for women that the Taliban didn't believe in.

But now the president of Afghanistan seems to be shoving away his responsibilities by leaving the country and the Taliban runs the place. So now I'm assuming all those people have to live in fear of warlords now.

This leads me to my original question. Why did al-Qaeda attack the US in the first place? What did we even do to them?

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  • August 21, 2021