Why can't I register with multiple political parties?

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Why can't I register with multiple political parties (at the same time)?

I've searched the web, read forums, sent emails, made phone calls, and I cannot find a satisfactory answer to this question. The response I usually get is "Why would you want to?". I feel that my personal reasons are unimportant. Unless there is a good reason to restrict it, why restrict it?

I don't fully identify with any established party. For example, I see good and bad things about the ideologies of the Democratic, Republican and Libertarian parties (and other parties, but these are the main ones I'm interested in), but don't feel fully "at one" with any of them.

When the Democratic primaries roll around, I'd like to be able to have a say in who that party ends up nominating. Same with Republican primaries. Same with any other primaries (if they have them). Some say this violates the "one person, one vote" rule. I say it does not. I still only have one vote, but it's per party that I'm registered with.

I know it's possible in some states to vote "cross-party" but as far as I know (again I'm not the most politically-knowledgeable person) once you've cast your vote in one party's primary, you can't vote in another's primary. Or can you? Regardless, where I live (Arizona) I know that's not allowed.

I also know that I could (if the timing is right) register with party A, vote in their primary, then register with party B, vote in their primary, etc. But this is ridiculous. And if the timing isn't right (primaries are held too close together) not possible.

I realize I probably have a lot of misconceptions here, but that's why I'm posting this question.

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  • November 27, 2014