Why aren't heavy weapon being used on drug territories in South America and South East Asia? [closed]

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Drugs are bad, but they require a lot of land and people to grow, cultivate, and refine. This means there must be some sort of large and fixed compound in a region. Given that US government has already deployed special forces to attack drug trade route and drug lords in South America, why do they stop there? A special force raid could be foiled by leaks and sentries, as well as not having enough people to encircle everyone participating in drug manufacture. Why don't they just use incendiary or anti-personnel ammunitions enmass on those location using aircrafts and artilleries? No message and evacuation could outpace supersonic fighter jets delivering area-of-effect attack. And no precise target is needed--just saturate the location with fire and leave no stone uncrushed (giving them the viet cong treatment). With such a terrifying attack, surely less people could survive and even less are willing to take up this kind of business if it means being bombed by the most powerful military in the world.

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  • October 5, 2022