Why are Spaniards disproportionately very dissatisfied with Spain's political system?

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The trends discussed in Pew Research's recent study Citizens in Advanced Economies Want Significant Changes to Their Political Systems was of no surprise to me, except Spain stands out in an interesting way. The data suggests those in Spain who are dissatisfied with Spain's political system are really dissatisfied, even when compared to those who are dissatisfied in other countries.

I find this interesting because I hear little about Spain in the news. Even as far as Europe is concerned, I hear much about dissent, division, dissatisfaction, or turmoil in the United Kingdom, Greece, France, and Italy. I even hear more about Poland, Hungary, and Germany than I do about Spain. Yet, when it comes to extreme dissatisfaction (dark green bar in the illustration), Spain leads every other country by a significant percentage, including the U.S., which has reached a record-high level of political division.

What makes Spaniards especially dissatisfied with their political system? I'm looking for something unique to Spain, as I know much about why the West in general is dissatisfied with Western political systems.


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  • October 27, 2021