Who supports funding of the “Big Three” and who supports funding of NASA?

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A look at this graph (source: Wikipedia), especially after the "Billionaire Space Race", is interesting. We see that the funding for NASA increased somewhere around the moon landing and dropped quickly after it.I assume its because the space race was assumed to be over and no one saw any reason to fund it further.

I am also aware that there has been a gradual shift of the importance from NASA to the big 3 as the frontrunner of Space exploration. By gradual shift I refer to reduction in federal funding of NASA simultaneously with the approval of Tax breaks for the Big 3 for the purpose of sending mankind once again to space, but this time lead by the private industry.

Big 3 refers to SpaceX (headed by Elon Musk, Forbes #1), Blue Origin (owned by Jeff Bezos, #2) and Virgin Galactic (owned by Richard Branson, #324)

I am also aware that there is a general trend of reduction in NASA funding after the peak of the "space race" during cold war as well a trend for tax breaks for Big 3 during the peak of the "Billionairre space race.”


Who supports funding NASA and who supports funding the Big three?

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