Who is the target audience of Russia's October 2022 claims about dirty bombs?

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Oct 30, 2022 04:09 PM 0 Answers
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In recent days (October 2022), Russia has intensified claims that Ukraine is working on 'dirty' radioactive weapons, i.e. radioactive isotopes dispersed by conventional explosives. Who is the primary (most important) target audience of these claims?

Note that this question of messaging is independent both of the objective truth of these claims and the subjective perceptions within the Russian government. The former may be debunked at least in detail and the latter may only come out when archives are opened decades from now. I'm hoping for something along the lines of the analysis mentioned in this 38North editorial for the case of North Korea. Is there a quantitative analysis between Russian-language and English-language posts, for instance?

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  • October 30, 2022