Who is the Russian military commander in charge of the war on Ukraine?

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It seems like we are only hearing from Putin about the military operations. When we hear about Russian generals it's about them getting killed, like Sukhovetsky, deputy commander of 41st Army.

Which Russian general is operationally in charge, at a military level? How come we don't hear anything from them?

For example, in Gulf War, whatever the US political decision makers, Schwarzkopf was in charge. Schwarzkopf wasn't the top general in the US Army, but he was the guy running the show in Iraq.

During the Iraq invasion in 2003 it was Tommy Franks. At some point later it was Petraeus. Decisions were made by POTUS, but implementation strategy and tactics were left to the commander in charge and at any time you could easily look up who that officer was.

The reason for this curiosity is that the "special military operation" doesn't seem run as per Russian military doctrine and some of it just seems counterintuitive like the half hearted pursuit of air superiority. So one wonders how much input the military commanders - not the Defense Minister - have on the operation. It's almost as if the thing is micro-managed from the very top.

Not having their names put forward reinforces that impression, but then I confess I am unsure how that diverges from regular Russian practice when conducting military operations.

For example, who exactly was in overall charge of Grozny in 1995 is also unclear - Grachev was Defense Minister which I wouldn't see as operationally in charge. You can see who led each of the four columns heading into Grozny, but it's unclear who their immediate superior was managing the overall operation.

To clarify: 41st Army, which is participating, is about as big a unit as they come. Who is tasking its commander with missions to accomplish in Ukraine at the present? is the subject of this question.

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