Which EU countries were or still are China managed to have an influence on academic freedom?

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During a discussion, a colleague mentioned that China has an influence on academic freedom in many countries. This seems to be confirmed by this article which mentions
academic exchanges as a mechanism for this:

I argue that the positive model described above may not be a reality
in case of China, which instead views academic exchange mainly as a
tool to achieve its own economic and political goals on the global
stage, spread its view on international norms and limit criticism
towards it

Examples of academic freedom interference may refer to hiding articles related to sensitive (according to Chinese government) information about Tibet or 1989 Tiananmen Square protests and massacre.

I digged a little and managed to find the following countries that seem to have been affected by this:

China’s presence has brought socioeconomic opportunities to Georgia,
Greece, Hungary, and Romania. Yet it has exacerbated governance
shortfalls, undermined elements of political and economic stability,
and complicated the European Union’s ability to reach consensus on key

I could not find information related to other EU countries. Are there any other EU countries that have at least one academic freedom "incident" related to China?

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  • September 24, 2022