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When large cash rewards for confirmed reports of voter fraud have no takers [closed]

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Oct 27, 2021 06:16 PM 0 Answers
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When large cash rewards for confirmed reports of voter fraud have no takers...
could this overcome Big lie propaganda to the contrary?

There’s no evidence of widespread voter fraud, but Dan Patrick is encouraging people to report it with up to a $1 million reward.

I already showed that Trump's best approval rating ever was an election losing -3.9%. No president has ever had a best approval rating nearly as bad as Donald Trump.

enter image description here

For those people that simply "don't believe in" scientific polls that fact the no one has claimed the large cash reward offered for proof or election fraud besides Eric Frank should be quite telling.

Texas’ lieutenant governor has forked over the first cash prize for a tip on voter fraud—committed by a 72-year-old Republican who voted twice. Nearly a year after a roundly mocked announcement of up to $1 million in “rewards” to anyone who provided information that led to “an arrest and final conviction of voter fraud,” Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s office has deposited $25,000 in the bank account of Eric Frank.

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