When and in which context did Henry Kissinger say “the policy is better than the arguments”? Are there notable examples?

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In the February 5, 2022 American Purpose video "The Right, Russia, and Ukraine" with David Frum after about 03:00, Frum discusses the US Republican Party's general support for the US' support for Ukraine, despite strong opposing rhetoric from a few members (my transcription, with help from closed captions):

Henry Kissinger used to have a saying that he liked to deploy a lot, that "the policy" he would say "is better than the arguments". And I think that is sort-of where we are now. And what the Ukraine crisis is revealing is while there are tremendous stresses on the Republican party as a party of defensive democracy abroad, that with President Trump off the scene at least for the time being, the impressive news is how, on this issue, how much the Republican Party has reverted to the historic norm.

Not everybody! Senator Josh Holley today, representative Nancy Mace, they have pursued the "television angle". But the contrast of what you are hearing on some places on television and some places on social media contrast to where Majority - sorry, future Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is, where the leaders of the House intelligence and House Armed Services - the ranking members I should say not the leaders, I'm projecting a little bit into the future - but the Republican members of Intelligence, Armed Services, even Kevin McCarthy in the House has attacked President Biden for being too weak, not for being too strong.

I've included enough of a block quote to establish just what Frum means by the applicability of Kissinger's saying to the situation.

Based on the level of David Frum's scholarship and commentary overall, and of Henry Kissinger's extensive presence and influence on US policy, this is not just a random reference to an off-hand comment.

Question: When and in which context did Henry Kissinger say "the policy is better than the arguments"? Are there notable examples?

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