When and how did the term “liberal” acquire a leftist/socialist meaning in the US?

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Some comments on another question show confusion over the definition of “liberal”:

@Eva, still going to have the same problems. For example, what is the
liberal position on economic freedom? Liberals are for people keeping
more of their money, and are against higher taxes, welfare, and
probably "government programs." The OP question states that those
specific positions are liberal. So is the conservative position
supposed to be the opposite of the liberals position on economic
freedom, or specifically against the positions stated above? –

@user1873 Wikipedia mentions higher taxation, welfare, and government
programs as liberal. That's why I mentioned them in my question. I'm
really just going by Wikipedia since there's not really a set
definition. – Eva

I understand that other countries associate the word “liberal” with lassez-faire capitalism. In the US, it means support for completely opposite “tax-and-spend” “big government” policies (combined with social issues views based on secularism and sexual expressionism). Why the difference?

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