What's the goal of banning Tobacco?

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According to this article New Zealand in banning completely Tobacco for the new generations. The people behind the decision claim it is for health reason. However the current policy adopted by the developed countries and also some developing countries is working, the number of smokers all over the world is decreasing, so why change it?

Another thing to take into account is that prohibition often doesn't work, alcohol prohibition in the USA didn't last long and cannabis is another example of failed prohibition that is leading many countries tovreconsider their policy. It does not seem possible that the legislators in New Zealand didn't take this facts into account. Furthermore now they can give to their young ones the thrill of the forbidden thing.

Just to put things into perspective, about 8 years from now there will be a lot of of people in the age range between 18 and 22 who are being told that they are considered adults, but they are not allowed to smoke while all other people they see around are. How they will react seems quite obvious. This law is clearly designed to fail.

Considering all of this can peoples' health be really the reason for this law? What else could be the goal?

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  • December 9, 2021