What's the conservative solution to wealth disparity?

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While wealth/income inequality has generally been a Liberal concern, its increasing severity seems to have drawn Conservatives to consider it, including causing our current Conservative President to have several campaign goals on improving the economy and job growth for the middle-class.

However, from this answer:

The conservative view on this topic is that wealth inequality allows to create incentive systems which encourage people to contribute to society in order to increase their wealth.

In other words: work more, work well, provide the goods and services other people demand and you will receive more wealth and live a better life than your peers. The conservative believe is that when you are poor, then you are being punished for not contributing to society. If you don't want to be poor anymore, look for a job which is in higher demand, get paid for it, and get rewarded with a higher standard of life.

The idea of inheritance is that people don't just care about themselves but also about their children and want them to live a better life, even when they themselves are not alive anymore. So working hard and well does not just improve one's own life but also the lives of one's children.

Liberals often recommend utilizing taxes and wage adjustments as a solution, but that generally goes against much of the Conservative philosophy.

When wealth inequality reaches a point where the Conservative party has become interested in reversing it, what is/has been their solutions, and how have those solutions impacted the economy?

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