What would Ukraine gain by disclosing intelligence information about Putin assassination plans?

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Mar 22, 2022 05:11 PM 0 Answers
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These days, there have been media reports claiming that parts of the Russian elite have plans to assassinate Putin, citing Ukrainian intelligence as sources. However, I am not aware of details on how this information was obtained and became public. There might have been a leak in the system and this information was not meant to be disclosed in the foreseeable future, but still got out somehow. Or it might be entirely fabricated, without any facts (not even classified) to back it up. Or it might be genuine, officially declassified information.

As detailed in Why do people think that if Putin ceases to be Russian president, the Russo-Ukraine war will cease?, Ukraine would tend to benefit from an actual assassination. That would make them likely to at least silently support such an operation. Disclosing intelligence information would then, however, likely tip off Putin that his life might be under greater threat than anticipated until now, and thus decrease the odds of such an operation succeeding.

So how come the media are now in a position to discuss such information, from intelligence sources that would have good reasons to keep it secret?

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