What were the reasons for creating the nation of Israel where it exists now? [closed]

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I am not a European, North American, or Arab, and this question is not anti-Semitic by any means but asked as I am really curious about the things going in the Middle East and I think this website can help me understand it. If I make a factual mistake that will be because I not am aware of some facts.

So, as far as I know Jews were badly persecuted in Germany (and maybe some other parts of Europe) so it can be a good idea for them to have a country for their own. The percentage of Jews in Palestine was 30% and it is considered by Jews to be the "promised land" that their god spoke of. I watched this documentary: which mentions some wealthy Jewish businessmen were dealing with the British to take Jerusalem, and the British also promised to give it to the Arabs for their support in WW1, but ultimately it was given to the Jews, not the Arabs.

As far as I know, the US and some countries in Europe have also supported Israel militarily and strategically from the start.

Question: Did Zionists chose Jerusalem and Palestine because their holy site is there and according to their religion their god promised them that? The Zionists could have bought islands in the Pacific or some land elsewhere and there might not be so much bloodshed. What are the reasons for creating the nation of Israel where it exists now?

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