What was Bobby Fischer's beef with Australia? [closed]

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Proposal: Can I instead ask why an anti-Semitist who hates the US, Japan, England/UK might also hate Australia?

From 1:28 - 2:00 in Fischer comments on arrival; comments on the United States, the (Icelandic-)American chess world champion and chess960 creator Bobby Fischer.

axis of evil, blah blah blah. What about the allies of evil? What about the United States, England, Japan, Australia and so on? These are the evil doers.

  1. England/UK - I'm not so sure about the US and England/UK/Britain/whatever, but I think I can imagine. Afaik, the US has been allies with the UK since, what, early 1900s latest?

  2. Japan - Not sure about the whole government, but Bobby had an issue with Junichiro Koizumi saying Koizumi was mentally ill. (BOBBY OF ALL PEOPLE calls someone mentally ill.) In the link, Bobby references the Elvis Presley and George Bush thing (clip in 3:14 here).

This man is mentally ill. (...) This was absolutely cooked up between Bush and Koizumi, no question about that. Behind Bush were the Jews' telling him what to do, then Bush was telling Koizumi what to do.

  1. Australia - what did Australia ever do? The only thing I've found is Australia evil, says Fischer that merely states that Bobby said Australia is evil.

I thought Israel would be more relevant to say since Bobby's a traitorous anti-Semitist (assuming Bobby isn't mentally ill) and says Israel (and the US) are illegitimate countries. Or idk maybe...Canada? But I don't get Australia.

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  • November 19, 2022