What the American to lose if the US lost its leadership on the world stage?

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No matter one likes it or not, the US has been involved in many worlds or regional events especially ideological conflicts and military confrontations. What do the Americans stand to lose if the US is no longer leading the world on those events but continued to maintain a free and open country similar to the past western mighties that had stood the test and stand to enjoy flourish and peace with less military strength?

ADD: Too many peoples are taking this question in the wrong direction. The bottom line is: Can the US retreat from the world stage by reducing its involvement in ideological conflicts and regional military confrontations not directly affecting the US (unless invitation from UN for peacekeeping missions), thus acting more like the UK, Germany, or Australia? For that case, what the typical American stand to lose?

I can think of a few immediate impacts on the US and its citizens whether positive or negative:

  • Reduced military forces and professionals.
  • Reduced demand on military weapons and equipment.
  • Increased labor supply, and higher unemployment.
  • Dollar devaluation.
  • Smaller government with a smaller budget, maybe a smaller deficit too.

Hope somebody can share insights on the impacts - short-term and long-term.

Are there studies, analyses, or researches by the school of advocates, and writings by the think-tanks?

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  • August 20, 2021