What official status does the title of a treaty have?

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In published collections of international treaties, each treaty will be set out as in this example

  1. It starts with a title - e.g. Convention concerning the [description of subject matter] concluded between [country A] and [country B]

  2. It then gives the date and place of signature.

  3. It then gives the text, usually set out in the languages of both countries - e.g. The government of [A] and the government of [B] wishing to facilitate...

My question is about (1) above - the title - and its status, official or otherwise.

Does the title actually appear at the top of the document when it is signed?

If not, does it appear anywhere on the piece of paper? - for example traditionally legal documents of various kinds were often written on a single sheet of very large paper and the title would be put on the back in such a position that when the sheet was folded inwards several times the writing on the back of the sheet as folded would show its title (so that you could tell what it was without having to open it up).

Or is the title simply a descriptive title later used by government departments and publishers of treaties and so not official in a bilateral sense?

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