What is the “religious organization” that motivated Abe Shinzo's killer?

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Looking into the motive of former prime minister Abe Shinzo's suspected killer, Yamagami Tetsuya, not many details are being given in the press, but there is mention of an unnamed religious organization.

To quote one article from Le Monde:

Potential motivation

"The suspect stated that he held a grudge against a particular
organization and that he committed the crime because he believed
former prime minister Abe had a connection to it," police said Friday.

They did not give the name of the organization in question, but
Japanese media said it was a religious group, citing unnamed
investigative sources. NHK and the Mainichi Shimbun said Mr.
Yamagami's family had suffered troubles as a result of his mother's
financial donations to the organization.

An article from Reuters states:

Yamagami was a loner who did not reply when spoken to, neighbours told
Reuters. He believed Abe had promoted a religious group that his
mother made a "huge donation" to, Kyodo news agency said, citing
investigative sources.

He told police his mother went bankrupt from the donation, the Yomiuri
newspaper and other media reported.

"My mother got wrapped up in a religious group and I resented it,"
Kyodo and others quoted him as telling police. Nara police declined to
comment on the details reported by Japanese media of Yamagami's motive
or preparation.

Media have not named the religious group he was reportedly upset with.

Which organization would this most likely be? And is there any public record of Mr. Abe being affiliated with or donating to a religious group?

Note: names intentionally listed with family names first.

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  • July 11, 2022