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What is the relationship between Zionism and contemporary Israel and its politics? [closed]

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Apr 17, 2022 09:15 AM 0 Answers
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Pursuant to a political philosophy question regarding the views of Gilles Deleuze on Philosophy SE here: How is the 'central fiction' of Zionism to be understood politically?, it bears worth asking about the Zionism and the politics of Israel. I have a question regarding the political reality of the state of Israel noting that Zionism is a philosophy that has many varieties. However, to be a variety, one must have a common thread, and for that thread, I offer the 1919 article penned in The Atlantic by H. Sacher entitled A Jewish Palestine as indicative of the general spirit of all forms of Zionism.

To be clear, the overarching theme of Zionism historically and centrally to the various philosophies is the notion that Israel is the land meant for the Jewish people, that Jews have a right to exist and self-determine, and that other inhabitants are not the primary decision makers in the affairs of Israel.

What is the relationship between Zionism and contemporary Israel exactly, or maybe more to concretely, has the Israeli, democratically elected government endorse the broad notion of Zionism formally, through traditions and laws or otherwise?

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