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What is the purpose of polls published by the organization that they are asking about which have leading/confusing questions?

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Oct 14, 2019 03:51 PM 0 Answers
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My understanding of polling is that it is done to gauge public perception and opinion of political actors and policies in order to further shape a candidate's actions. In order to do that, one would expect a moderately rigorous polling apparatus. I would expect clear cut questions with obviously applicable answers from most possible viewpoints.

Sometimes, though, candidates or organizations will run polls about their own actions that seem to be designed to get a certain outcome. As an example, the Trump organization regularly posts polls that have been widely criticized online for asking leading questions or only giving supportive options. Here's an example of one such poll which seems to have all the scientific rigor of a wet noodle.

What purpose does it serve for an organization to publish polls about themselves? Because of the leading questions, I would assume very little action can be taken based on them? What purpose does issuing such a bunk poll serve?

Poll questions from Trump re-election site

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