What is the procedure for changing unanimity EU policy?

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Nov 21, 2022 03:13 PM 0 Answers
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It seems quite unnatural to have a unanimity requirement for voting in large organizations. European Union is 27-member strong with some of the countries "misbehaving" quite often (Hungary is the ultimate example as of today). What this means is that external policy (say, a new round of sanctions on russia) or internal regulations (say, some kind of green deal) can be blocked by a single country with corrupted leadership.

I've read that some European politicians (I think Germany's chancellor was one of them) started to suggest the removal of the veto right. The obvious question is: how can this formally be achieved if any decision can be vetoed?

Will it require an ultimatum from the countries supportive of the new measure that they will "expel" the disagreeing ones? Or is there some procedure like EU-wide voting?

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  • November 21, 2022