What is the name of the propaganda technique where perpetrator uses opposite framing? [closed]

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I'm wondering if there is an established term for this following made up definition.

"A group consistently carrying out an act of evil while broadcasting they are in fact the heroes in the scenario. This method could be employed alongside fire hose of falsehood and scapegoating to avoid public scrutiny"

Example 1: An executive steals money from a firm
then that individual contacts media outlets to broadcast that
he/she has donated money to the firm (avoiding implication as a thief).
Additionally, the media could be told to report the employees are
stealing money from the firm and are thieves (scapegoating).

Example 2: A regime kills people under its governance and uses media
outlets to broadcast that it is saving people. It may blame another
unrelated phenomena for the mysterious disappearance of people (fire hose
of falsehood) or just censor media coverage on deaths (no additional

Example 3: A government is intentionally burning food supplies to
starve people and announces to the public that it has successfully
yielded higher crops than ever.


Person A: "Do you think group X is committing this act?"

Person B: "That's impossible, every news outlet has said group X was
solving that issue. You must be conspiring against the regime."


Person C: "Hi A, do you know why we are facing this problem lately?"

Person A: "I'm not sure. Maybe group Y is involved."

Person A now avoids openly displaying scrutiny around person C from fear of reprisal
during encounter with person B.

Key elements:

  1. Group creates a dichotomy of good and bad actors
  2. Group labels themselves as the good actors in the scenario
  3. Group does not rely directly on scapegoating and could employ other techniques to avoid scrutiny

Does any government do this?

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  • November 19, 2021