What is the EU's official explanation for why it's opposed to refugees arriving via Belarus?

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Belarus has been in the news recently due to their attempt to transport a large number of refugees into the EU:

First Belarus arranged for a few hundred migrants to cross the border into Lithuania. Then the number grew to several thousand. Then Belarus brought more migrants to Minsk and pushed them into Latvia and Poland; thousands have since made their way to Germany. All this is likely just the start: Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko is sharply increasing the number of airline flights from Middle Eastern cities to Minsk.

What is the EU's official explanation for people entering their borders this way, given that on paper their policies are supposed to be pro-refugee? Have there been any official statements about this from EU officials or other high-ranking European politicians?

Note that I'm not interested in why they're opposed to Lukashenko or the government of Belarus. I'm specifically interested in why they're opposed to people from the Middle East flying into Belarus, crossing the European border and then applying for asylum. Presumably most of the people crossing the border are genuine refugees, so on paper the EU should not be denying them the right to seek asylum.

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  • November 12, 2021