What is the definition of “small government” according to the Republican Party?

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When Republican governors banned mask mandates in schools, many commentators called them out as hypocrites due to such bans violating the concept of “small government”. However this concept can have many definitions:

  1. Local self rule wherever possible, letting a small county council handle things without the state or Federal government intervening. However the small county council can pass whatever restrictions they see fit.
  2. All rulemaking should be delegated to states whenever possible but not lower than that, so the state itself is the “small government”
  3. General lack of regulation wherever possible, letting citizens do whatever they please. This means any level of government should pass as little restrictions as possible.
  4. As little taxation as possible, so minimal number of government programs funded by tax dollars. This would be a budget focused view, so restrictive rules would still be possible as long as they don’t cost a lot to implement.

Which of those definitions (if any) are the official by the Republican Party currently?

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  • November 14, 2021