What impact do broken families and little church attendance have on black youth's odds of success?

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Dinesh D'Souza theorizes in his book, The End of Racism, that black culture is preventing blacks from succeeding in America. The institutional racism from the past is gone, and in general blacks only face what he terms, rational discrimination[Video removed].

Rational discrimination is what makes perfectly logical cab drivers less likely to pick up young black males or makes people decide to choose to walk on one side of the street or another depending upon who is walking towards them.

D'Souza argues that the disparate impact on blacks educational and income[Broken link] are largely a product of black culture's lack of focus on family, church, and small business instead of discrimination.

Are there any studies that backup D'Souza's claim? (I.e. What is the impact on educational scores/attainment level and income of black children who come from broken families versus those that are intact. As well as families that attend church regularly and those that do not)

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  • November 14, 2014