What happens to the WTO if no director-general is elected?

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According to CGTN News:

The time frame for the election is yet to be decided – Azevedo has
said he will leave on 31 August – but the WTO director-general is
chosen by consensus by its 164 member states, based on a
recommendation from its selection committee.

"The WTO is actually quite a unique organization, because every
country has a veto," says Lee-Makiyama.

"Now, we need to find a candidate among the eight who will actually
pass the needle's eye through all of the 164 countries."

For the analyst, the most important thing will be consensus among the
top dogs in international trade: "Countries like China and the United
States, the EU and Japan must agree to the candidate as someone they
will be able to work with."

Reading this, it seems that every country must accept a candidate in order for a person to be elected director-general, but what happens if a single country uses its veto power and won't accept the candidate? Is the WTO then frozen in place unable to do anything or will some administrators fill in the role until a director-general is elected?

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  • July 30, 2021