What happens if a company/individual conducts business with a sanctioned (embargoed) country when the sanction is not from their country?

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Let's say that country A is under economic sanction (embargo) from country B, and country C is a key ally of country B. What happens if a company/individual from country C does business with country A?

An example would be a company based in the Dominican Republic who want to export goods to Cuba.

Can the Dominican Republic legally stop the company/individual from doing business? If so, which law they will use?

Cuban come to the Dominican Republic and Haiti very often to buy goods(mostly clothes) to resell, they strip the tags, maybe because of legal issues in Cuba.

But what if I import the good(basic necessities, clothing and apparels, no electronics) directly to them without them needing to come in DR just to get it.

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  • July 23, 2021