What happened to the “vaccine panels” that were planned by Democrat leaders back in 2020?

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Governor Inslee of Washington promised to create a "panel of experts" to review the safety of vaccines back in October 2020:

Washington will be joining other western states to take steps to
review the safety and efficacy of coroanvirus vaccines when they are
approved by the FDA, Gov. Jay Inslee announced Tuesday.

As part of the pact with western states, a panel of experts will be
reviewing the vaccines to make sure they work and to ensure people
feel comfortable getting the vaccine.

Likewise a group of African American doctors was formed in September 2020 to "vet" COVID vaccines:

As trust in federal health agencies has withered over the last few
months, a group of Black physicians has been working on an antidote:
creating their own expert task force to independently vet regulators’
decisions about Covid-19 drugs and vaccines as well as government
recommendations for curbing the pandemic.

But we haven't heard anything about these "panels" in the end, with Democrat leaders happily urging their constituents to go get vaccinated as soon as the Pfizer shot got the Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA. Did any Democrat leaders comment on what made them change their mind? Or perhaps these "vaccine panels" did come into existence but found the vaccines to be safe?

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  • August 10, 2021