What does the wealth distribution among India's lower caste and upper caste look like?

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Feb 22, 2022 09:01 PM 0 Answers
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It is well known that UC Hindus own 41% of assets in India when being about 30% of the population, and, the remaining 59% of assets is distributed among the 70% of the UCs. My question is, how exactly does this distribution among the caste it self look like?

So for example, I am looking for a bell curve of asset owned in y-axis with population on x axis.

Motivation: I ask this because, An argument against caste based reservation is that the majority of the 59% wealth is located in a very small subset of the LC category, and, hence they form a 'neo-upper-caste'. Hence, to bring equality, we should do based reservation only on economic status rather than caste.

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