What does the flag of Imperial Germany symbolize today?

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German extremist right-wing protesters are often seen carrying the black-white-red flags of the Deutsches Kaiserreich (Imperial Germany).

Vizekanzler Scholz sagte: "Es kann nicht hingenommen werden, dass einige mit Symbolen aus einer schlimmen, dunklen Vergangenheit vor dem Reichstagsgebäude auftreten und das wichtigste Symbol unserer Demokratie, das Parlament, missachten."
Politik diskutiert besseren Schutz für Bundestag (31.08.2020)

  1. Here we have a politician saying it is a symbol from a dark past. Is it, though? While it was a monarchy, it was also unifying Germany, which I guess is good. Of course, we then have colonies and WWI but that surely is not what the flag symbolizes, is it?

  2. Is it a rejection of the current flag and the democracy it represents?

  3. What is it supposed to signify that attracts right extremists and that others reject?

  4. Nobody wants a monarchy back, do they?

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  • August 31, 2020