What do Republicans criticizing the withdrawal from Afghanistan say they would have done differently, given Trump's agreement w Taliban?

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Yes, it's time for another Trump explanation on how things would be better with him. And, as usual, it is time to take a swipe at the bumbling withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Trump claimed Putin had only invaded Ukraine because Joe Biden was now in power, and claimed America’s bumbling withdrawal from Afghanistan had given Moscow the confidence that it could get away with such actions.

I just took this as an example. Other similar claims are frequent, both in the US and internationally.

However the Doha accords, signed in February 2020, agreed to by no less than Trump himself, commits the US to withdraw in March 2021 while committing the Taliban to very little. Biden actually extended it a bit.

With the commitment and action on the obligations of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan which is not recognized by the United States as a state and is known as the Taliban in Part Two of this agreement, the United States, its allies, and the Coalition will execute the following:

  1. The United States, its allies, and the Coalition will complete withdrawal of all remaining forces from Afghanistan within the remaining nine and a half (9.5) months.
  2. The United States, its allies, and the Coalition will withdraw all their forces from
    remaining bases.

Given that Biden's administration only had 7 months to prep this withdrawal, what do Republicans suggest they would have done differently, in early 2021, had they been in charge?

Would they have remained? Added more troops? Getting out was a pretty strong intent from Trump (and not necessarily one I would disagree with). Had the Afghan National Army managed to fight better (overall, some units certainly were very brave) there would have been no collapse. But that failure isn't necessarily just to put at Biden's fault - again because this has been an ongoing failure. Things like insufficient Afghan air capability without contractors or corruption were a problem while Trump (and predecessors) were in power as well.

I understand the desire to make political hay out of blaming Biden. The August withdrawal was a bit of gong show, no doubt. But, strictly from a military viewpoint, what do those critics of the withdrawal process say should have been done instead? Has anyone articulated details, besides just general criticism?

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