What can really happen if NATO will get superiority over the rest of the world? [closed]

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NATO has grown quite a bit, since 1949, following basic human instincts of survival and grow.

Just in theory, imagine NATO has grown into an entity, which is more powerful than any other country/alliance in the world. It can be done both by adding more countries to their alliance, or by huge development of countries which are already there, doesn't really matter how it happens. What can happen with the world after this point?

Will NATO just start a war and win it forcing other countries to be a part of it? Or will it pressure others economically till they will became puppets, which are ready to do anything NATO says just to get food? Or will it have enough voice in the media, that voice of others will not mater, and this will form believes of citizens in other countries and change their internal politics to whatever NATO wishes? Or will it stop growing? Or will it collapse?

I would like to understand what exactly can happen and why it is possible. For example, I can't imagine NATO starting a war with countries, which posses nuclear power, because it will lead to nuclear WW and destruction of everything, including NATO. Nor I can imagine NATO stoping growing, since growing is proficient and there will be no external factors to stop it. But the rest of the cases are not clear to me - whether they are possible or impossible and why exactly.

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