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What are the steps towards officially recognizing a Cold War?

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Aug 20, 2018 01:23 PM 0 Answers
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The Guardian argues about so called "Cold War 2.0":

Warnings of a return to cold war politics have been a staple of
European debate for three years
, but in recent weeks many western
diplomats, politicians and analysts have come to believe the spring
has indeed been released. Russia is being reassessed across western
capitals. The talk is no longer of transition to a liberal democracy,
but regression.

The post-cold war era is over, and a new era has begun. Cold war 2.0,
different in character, but potentially as menacing and founded not
just on competing interests but competing values.

I am wondering if a new Cold War can be officially declared by one or more countries or an organization such as NATO. What are the steps towards this?

Question: What are the steps towards officially recognizing a Cold War?

Side note: While it was not a declared war, it was recognized as an official conflict through such things as the Cold War Recognition Certificates awarded by the US Department of Defense to armed forces personnel and civilians who served during the Cold War Era.

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