What are the potential strategic/economic gains of China for taking over Taiwan (with military invasion or not)?

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My question is not about the net gain that China could have for occupying Taiwan. I understand with military invasion, China has to undertake huge financial and human resources cost, suffering from high inflations and very hash sanctions from Western countries. Such cost may be likely much bigger than its gains.

To many people from China, taking over Taiwan is believed to bring a great glory to the country. But what about the benefits from the perspective of utilitarian? What the potential strategic/economic gains China could have after taking over Taiwan (with military force or not).

Some personal thoughts:

One possible benefit I am sure of is that if there is indeed a military invasion, PLA will gain real battlefield experiences, which may be helpful for building up its confidence in confronting U.S and Japan. P.R.China hasn't engaged seriously in a war for decades.

Other benefits might be (I am not sure)

(1) Taking control of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and put China into a huge advantage in high-end chip making. But I guess if there is a threat of war, Taiwanese chip makers will flee to other countries with their technicians and money?

(2) Breaking through the First Island Chain? Does taking over Taiwan change the military balance between China and U.S.?

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