What are the official sources of press releases and other announcements of the Federal and State governments of the US?

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For example, in Ontario the government maintains an online newsroom, for distribution of all official press releases and announcements from the various branches of the provincial government. Although there are options for filtering by topic, ministry, department, etc., the default is in an unfiltered 'firehose' style. Notably there is no editorializing as it's sorted by pure chronological order with no omissions. i.e., it's a comprehensive record of all on-the-record official announcement
See https://news.ontario.ca/en

For a more complex example, the UN maintains a similar system at the level of the individual organs and offices, but no UN centralized newsroom, at least none that I could find. The equivalent site for the office of the Secretary General of the UN is at https://www.un.org/sg/en/latest/sg/statement

In the US, at the level of the various branches such as the White House, DOE, NASA, Supreme Court, Circuit Courts, etc., there are such comprehensive newsrooms, as far as I can tell, but I've not been able to find equivalents for the overall Federal government nor for all the state governments, D.C., Puerto Rico, etc...

Are there such equivalents in the US?

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