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What are the odds that any investigation of Trump capable of resulting in jail time if found guilty could complete before next presidential election? [closed]

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Nov 10, 2022 10:09 PM 0 Answers
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I've heard jokes that Trump shouldn't bother running for president since you can't serve as president in jail, or something to that affect.

I'm wondering if jail time is at all a viable possibility before the next election. Due to how politically charged such a question is I am not asking the odds that Trump is found guilty of any allegations, only what the odds that an investigation and, if applicable, trial could be completed and a verdict rendered on any case where a guilty conclusion could result in jail time prior to the next election.

While I've heard about many 'investigations' against Trump most either sound more like rumblings of things to eventually do then things that are actively ongoing and could reasonable come to a conclusion, and other investigations which may be detrimental to trump do not actually carry a potential for jail time.

I imagine the classified documents investigation would be the one most likely to potentially result in jail time at the moment, rather that could complete in two years would thus be the bigger question.

Again let me stress I DO NOT want to debate rather any allegation is valid or Trump is likely to be found guilty of the allegation. I'm only asking if one that could carry jailtime could reasonable be completed in time to matter for the next election.

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