What are the legal implications of all vk.com servers being in Russia? [closed]

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vk.com is the most used social media site in Russia. According to its Wikipedia page it is majority-owned by Sogaz, a Russian energy company.

When I tried to connect to it from the US, it connected me to, an IP
address whose ASN record

hostname: "srv67-190-240-87.vk.com"
city: "Saint Petersburg"
region: "St.-Petersburg"
country: "RU"
loc: "59.9386,30.3141"
org: "AS47541 VKontakte Ltd"
postal: "190000"
timezone: "Europe/Moscow"
asn: Object
asn: "AS47541"
name: "VKontakte Ltd"
domain: "vk.com"

shows that it was connecting me to a server inside the Russian Federation. Assuming
all of VK's servers are in RF, does that mean that all Russian censorship, and criminal, laws apply to all VK social media accounts?

For example, if I were to make an RF account and start making posts about the genocide committed by the Russian Federation's troops in Ukraine, should I expect an RF's prosecutor to try to extradite me to stand trial for violating RF's new censorship laws?

Just so we are clear, while the vk.com's server IP I posted is real, I am not actually planning to do this. So I am not looking for an answer like "get a VPN." I am trying to understand how RF's government censors work and how much they monitor or care to monitor.

And while my question is hypothetical, I am looking for a non-hypothetical answer. Can someone point to an example of how vk.com content resulted in someone getting in trouble? But it has to be trouble just for vk.com content, not vk.com content+some other actions.

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