What are some non-conspiratorial legal reasons Jill Sanborn answered “I can't answer that” to the question of federal agents at Jan 6th?

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Ted Cruz asked Jill Sandborn, the executive assistant director of the National Security Branch, whether or not federal agents were involved in planning or perpetrating the Jan 6th incident in a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. Sanborn does not directly answer any of these questions, saying "I can't answer that".

I don't have much knowledge on how committee hearings work, but is it common practice for government higher-ups to refuse to answer questions? Why would that be the case? Even if there were federal agents at Jan 6th, would Sanborn have any reason to evade the question rather than just lie and say that there were none? A couple large right wing news outlets have used this to suggest that there were federal agents involved.


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  • January 13, 2022