What alternatives to the Rwandan option does the UK have for handling requests for asylum and how do they compare?

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Following on from this question, I am curious to know what sorts of options might exist for national policies on handling asylum claims, and what the pros and cons of each might be, in terms of:

  • The overall degree of human suffering caused
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Political expediency
  • Compatibility with UK and international law

I can think of a few options myself but I lack the knowledge to evaluate them:

  • The status quo - allow asylum seekers to remain in the UK while their application is processed, providing housing, education, healthcare and financial support, but not allowing them to work.
  • The current UK proposals: deport the less vulnerable to Rwanda to claim asylum there instead
  • The Australian option: hold asylum seekers in detention centres, sometimes offshore, while their claims are processed
  • Open borders - encourage and support asylum seekers to find jobs to support themselves

How do all these stack up? What other options are there?

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  • April 18, 2022