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Western double standards examples [closed]

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Nov 16, 2022 06:26 PM 0 Answers
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The Russian diplomacy often brings attention that the "West" often uses double standards in the political evaluation of the conflicting situations with Russia.

As an example of Crimea double standard it brings the 1974 Comorian independence referendum where held in the Comoros on 22 December 1974. Even if the overall result was a strong "yes" vote (for independence from France), with 94.57% of voters voting for independence, following the referendum, the country declared independence on 6 July 1975, however France retained the island of Mayotte under French control (arguing that local population voted to remain in France).

So, mainly, if Paris didn't respect the sovereignty of the Comoros state as a whole, why should it give lessons to Moscow on the Crimea versus Kiev.

Similarly, they argue with the US armed interventions (far away from the US territory) in the Middle East / Asia countries, that brought poverty, deaths and destruction and criticizing Russia to do the same thing (this time at the Russian border, at the distance of 600 km (400miles) from the Russia capital).

I understand that is a somehow a hard exercise, but could we find another (objective) similar examples of the double standards in Western politics?

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