Were recent, possibly US backed, coups in Africa responsible for the poor support of Africa for a UN resolution condemning the invasion of Ukraine?

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In an emergency session of the UN on 22nd March this year a vote was taken on a resolution to condemn the invasion of Ukraine.

Whilst there was widespread support across the UN for the resolution, the African vote itself was mixed: just over fifty percent of the African countries voted in favour. This makes a strong contrast with the votes of the non-African countries, around 80%.

Moreover, around half the countries that voted to abstain were African including Algeria, Angola and South Africa. Eight African countries didn't even bother to vote.

A much under reported phenomena has been a spate of coups across Africa, many of which were led by USA trained military staff and which have been roundly condemned by the African Union.

Q. Did this have a bearing on the UN vote, given that the main cheer-leader for NATOs expansion to the borders of the Russian federation has been the USA?

Sources: Brookings and The Intercept.

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