Was there risk that Speaker Pelosi's aircraft could have been shot down by the People's Liberation Army?

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Aug 04, 2022 01:27 PM 0 Answers
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I was reading a New York Times article today and was struck by a particular passage.

Here is a quote:

Then, as Ms. Pelosi’s plane was touching down in Taiwan late Tuesday night, some social media users commented on how disappointed they were with Beijing’s lame response.

No military action in the Taiwan Strait, as they felt they had been led to expect. No shoot-down, no missile attack, no fighter jet flying next to Ms. Pelosi’s plane. Just some denunciations and announcements of military exercises. [Emphasis added]

In my reading of the sentence, the author is suggesting the target of such a shoot-down expected by social media users would be Speaker Pelosi.

Obviously, the Times is free to report on any random internet user's expectations. Ms. Yuan, the author, is a columnist for the Times, but this is not an opinion piece.

Was there a meaningful possibility that the People's Liberation Army would assassinate Ms. Pelosi? Did any branch of the US government address this issues publicly?

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