Was anything comparable to the current ban on Russian civilian aircraft in various Western countries ever imposed during the Cold War?

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I'm curious if there is some historical precedent for this or if this a rather new level of friction that didn't even exist during the Cold War:

Estonia, Latvia, Slovenia and Romania said on Saturday they were banning some flights from Russia.

Russia earlier said it would close its airspace to flights from Bulgaria, Poland and the Czech Republic after they issued a ban on Russian jets.

Meanwhile, Russian-owned planes can no longer enter UK airspace.

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas urged other European Union countries to issue similar restrictions on Twitter, adding: "There is no place for planes of the aggressor state in democratic skies." [...]

The restriction on Russian flights over large swathes of eastern Europe will require Russian airlines to take circuitous routes.

enter image description here

Yeah, I know most of those countries (highlighted on that map) were actually in the Soviet block during the Cold War, but did Western countries ever impose such restrictions on Soviet aircraft during the heightened moments of the Cold War, e.g. during the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia?

Premise update: A day after I wrote the above, the whole of EU closed its airspace to Russian carriers.

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  • February 26, 2022