Use of pejorative terms to refer to the political adversary [closed]

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I was reading a collection of wikipedia articles on political terminology when I found that most widely used terms are terms used by the right against the left, see this list:

  1. Boba liberal
  2. Gauche caviar
  3. Champagne socialist
  4. Liberal elite
  5. Limousine liberal
  6. Regressive left
  7. White savior
  8. Woke

There are some pejorative terms referring to conservatives and right-wing supporters, such as cuckservative or Rockefeller republican, but in fact these are used by the alt-right to denigrate more moderate political right-wing indivuduals.

My question is twofold:

  1. What factors would explain that there seems to be more bullying from the right to the left than the other way around?
  2. Where can I find a list of similar pejorative terms used by left-wing individuals to refer to right-wing individuals?
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