US political parties that support EU style social welfare spending?

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Are there any political parties or groups in the United States that openly support making the U.S. more like EU countries by:

  1. Addressing social welfare and safety net needs by increasing federal non-defense governmental expenditures to 19% of GDP -- compared with the approximately 12% of GDP currently used for non-defense federal expenditures.
  2. Setting federal defense expenditures at approximately 1.55% of GDP ( from 3.1% of GDP, or, a 50% decrease in the current budget)
  3. Keeping combined state and local government expenditures steady at approximately 19% of GDP.
  4. Imposing a highly progressive income and estate tax structure to pay for the increased expenditures and to lessen the income and wealth gaps in the U.S.
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  • May 8, 2017