UK Health Minister on Today: I will sometimes use a mask when not required by law. Is he the first minister to announce his choice?

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Law, guidance, and personal choice are three different things.

On this date, the Health Secretary was interviewed by the Radio 4 Today programme. Was he the first UK government minister to say he would wear a mask after it was no longer legally compulsory?


  • 2021-07-06: Health Minister interviewed on Radio 4 Today. "If I was on crowded tube in London I would wear a mask". [Huffington Post]
  • 2021-07-05: Prime Minister gives TV briefing. [Number 10 Youtube channel]. 'The prime minister has confirmed that all legislation regarding face coverings will be repealed at step four of the government's road map'. [Sky News]
  • 2021-07-05: Housing Secretary appears on BBC Marr show, and 'Asked on Sky News about whether he would stop wearing his face mask if the rules allowed, Mr Jenrick said he would, because he did not particularly want to wear one' [BBC News].
  • 2021-06-24: Environment Secretary says '"But the objective of that final stage is to remove the legal requirement to do these things." Asked if he would continue to wear a face covering beyond that point, the minister replied: "I wouldn't, no.' [Sky News]
  • 2021-06-24: Chancellor of the Treasury talks to Times newspaper. 'Mr Sunak was asked if he expected to stop wearing a mask when it became legal not do so. "Yes, as soon as possible," he replied.' [BBC News].
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