The US stance on HK protest and the Capitol insurrection [closed]

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The US House has passed a resolution to formally condemn the Chinese government and the Hong Kong regional government for actions that "violate the rights and freedoms" of the region's citizens MSN News. The timeline of the movement is depicted in this CNN article. And the escalated Chinese Government's response/tightening is covered in this NPR report.

My question is, what exactly is the difference, politically speaking, between the HK protest and the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection? And why does the US government take a different stance on the issues? What is the justification for the US position?

Edit: A few comments disputed/rejected the parallel between the two events. As a rebuke to the validity of my question, I would like to hear those arguments too. (Note, those arguments potentially can be the justification for the different stances of the US towards the matters.)

Further Edit: Before this post been closed, I would like to express my concern and worry that, if nobody in the US/Western World can clearly point out the differences to justify the US's stances on these matters, then how the US can later condemn other countries for arguably similar internal unrest suppression on the moral ground.

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  • June 12, 2021