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Support for surrogacy from pro-choice groups

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Jul 30, 2022 05:29 AM 0 Answers
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Are pro-choice groups (i.e. those supporting legal abortion or extending the abortion rights) typically supportive of surrogate motherhood and/or prostitution? I am interested in groups and politicians who have taken clear stance on these issues (or clearly avoid taking stance on some of them, while supporting the other).

I suppose that, from the point of view og woman's rights to her body, the issues are equal. However, as many pro-abortion groups are left-wing, they might object the economic aspect of surrogate motherhood or prostitution. Yet, from the liberal point of view, this is no different from selling one's body when doing hard physical work or risking one's life in police/military/firefighting.

My guess is that the opposition to surrogacy and prostitution among anti-abortion groups is more consistent, since it is grounded in traditional and/or religious values, which are typically critical of all of them (perhaps less critical of surrogacy, which is a recent development.)

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