Ranked choice voting: Can a candidate who got dropped in early round come back in later rounds?

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Jun 16, 2022 05:24 AM 0 Answers
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Location: Any country or state that uses RCV. One that has used it for a while and worked out the kinks would be preferable. Edit for clarity: I am talking about the “instant runoff” kind of RCV in a single winner election.

If a candidate is last in the first round, but after the second round would have more votes than some other candidates, are they brought back into the equation?

Example: Alice, Bob, Carol, Dan, Ed. 100 votes
Alice- 30
Bob- 20
Carol- 20
Dan- 18
Ed- 12

Ed gets dropped. Round 2
Alice- 30,
Bob- 28,
Dan- 20

Dan gets dropped. Of his original 18 votes, 17 have Ed as the second choice. So if that were to be counted, Ed would have his original 12 first place plus 17 of Dan’s second votes for 29, putting Ed above all but Alice. Or is it that Ed is out, never to return, and we look at Dan’s third choice on those ballots, plus the next choice on any “Ed” ballots that had Dan second? Ed and Dan are out, no coming back.

I know the bringing back in would get complicated. Any Ed votes that went to say Bob would be taken away after round 2. But it should be nothing a computer could not handle.

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